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Railroad Construction

From industrial track to passenger rail, Rhinehart Railroad Construction can build it to meet or exceed your expectations. Whether we are laying track through rural landscape or traversing city streets, rebuilding old track or constructing new, Rhinehart is expert at installing even the most complex rail systems.

Rhinehart Railroad Construction uses state-of-the-art track construction equipment run by highly trained operators with many years of experience.

Services provided include: new track construction, engineering, emergency repairs maintenance programs, track repair and rehabilitation, track removal, certified inspectors, railroad welding, thermite welding, signal work, and design and build.


Tie Inserter
Tie Crane
Ballast Regulator
Ballast Compactor
Production Tamper
Spike Pullers
Yard Tampers
Switch Tampers
Bolt Machine
Front-end Loaders
Backhoe Loaders
Tractor Trailers
Rail Drills
Rail Saw
Air Compressors
Hi-Rail Rotary Dump Trucks
Hi-Rail Gradall
Hi-Rail Prentice Trucks with Magnets
Welding Trucks

Rail Car Movers
Water Tucks